End of Year - Forecast

We've been hard at work this past month getting everything in working order; Robert has coded most of our gameplay functionality, including Waypoints, Spell-Targetting and Turn Planning. We've registered Forecast as a business, began communicating with different teams and have arranged a position at the Unreal Engine Academy Enterprise London in December, more on that to come!

This month I've been working on our UX, focusing on making Turn-Planning and Spell-Targetting feel as smooth as possible. I've also created the first Construct that you will be using to wage your wars; the Hollow Wizard.

Next up for me is to polish our UX, create more detailed VFX to outline important UX features and also for fancier spells. After that I will be moving onto creating our second map, more on that to come!

Thanks for reading and we hope to bring you more updates and content soon!

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