Forecast - Introduction Trailer + September Update

Forecast's Introduction Trailer was completed and sent around various game dev and strategy forums, discords and groups. We got a much better response this time and are beginning to find it easier to convey what Forecast is and what it has to offer. One of the issues we face with this game's development is being a backing, when the gameplay itself is one of a kind and not easy to understand at a glimpse.

We're really grateful for all of the suggestions, feedback and kind words we've received and can't wait to show-off more Forecast!

September Update:

Our first Alpha build is being finalised, with a functional main menu, settings page, level select and two levels as well as two units to play. We've been hammering out the remaining bugs and rounding off corners. August was a month of tweaking and fixing, these months in development don't feel very rewarding but are absolutely worthwhile.

Robert fixed some very important bugs with our replay system, allowing it to be used comfortably.

I've been fixing up colliders and pathing on maps as well as adjusting the lighting and rendering for greater visibility and clarity.

Next up Robert will be working on a new website and shortly after he'll begin the mammoth that is networking.

I shall be returning to content creation - aiming to create a new map as well as the story's Town Hub (more info to come!)

Thank you for reading, I'll try to update once a month with a general overview of what we've been up to!

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