June Update + Summer 2019 plans

Hi everyone! It's been a while.

We've been hard at work pushing towards our first official Dev Build which we're hoping to showcase to Epic Games and the UE4 team in August.

A new map has been created, 3 spells have been added to the Hollow Wizard's arsenal and the Bound Armour character is well on his way. A quick snip can be seen below!

I still need to rig him, create the intense visual effect that will be flowing underneath the armour and bringing him to life. After that I'll be working on 3 spells specific to the Bound Armour and their unique animations.

From there I will be creating another map, the talent trees for the characters and we'll be working towards our couch pvp build which we'd love to get into the hands of testers in August!

As you can see we've been hard at work over the last month, so many features have been added to Forecast and a lot of polish has been going on. When we have this build completed I'll be making showcase videos and Vlogs, I'll begin with an introduction to Forecst, simultaneous strategy games and what exactly our vision is. Afterwards I'll be creating featurette videos explaining each new Character and their spell toolkits.

Thank you for reading, we're really excited to show you what we've been working on. Have a great day!

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