March Update - New UI, Story Hub, Networking

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Hi guys!

It's been a while since our last update, with Christmas, new year and the virus it has been difficult to sit down and share what we've been up to - but we have been busy and we've made a lot of improvements to Forecast!

New UI:

One of the biggest changes is the completely reworked UI. All of the previous UI elements have been redesigned and replaced, the result is a much more streamlined layout that frees up a lot more screen space.

We also added some basic HUD elements to help show where units are as well as their health bars.

The movement grid has been removed and in its place we have built a sleek boundary system, likewise we no longer have movement arrows - these have been replaced with a movement line and `Planning Ghosts` which show your Units spell casting pose.

We also revamped our replay and preview slider functionality to allow you to go through previous turns, pause/play replays and slide through them.

Story Hub:

We designed the Story Hub UI, accounting for Unit Management, Unit Creation, Quest Select and many more core gameplay features. The `Story Hub` will serve as Aedelric's base of operations as he gets to grips with Purgatory alongside his newfound ally and temporary resident in Purgatory - Gideon Balthazar, a Portal Demon who loans his personal pocket realm (the Hub) to Aedelric during his time of need.

The Story Hub environment is well on its way and we'll soon begin implementing it and its many features.


We implemented Networking, allowing for games to be played competitively against others. There's still a bunch of stuff to be done but the foundation is all there now, we can't wait to get people playing and outwitting eachother. We'll be adding more information on the features in the coming weeks, check out our twitter for more frequent, smaller updates ( and subscribe on our website for big future updates such as the upcoming demo!

Stay safe everyone,


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