October Update

Hey there!

We're back with another update for Forecast. Over the past month we've been working on Networking, Robert's made some fantastic progress and we're really excited to show you where we're at - much more on this to come in the November and December updates!

As for the asset side, I've been working on another level as well as designing multiple upcoming playable characters - some really exciting stuff coming up. For this month's update I want to share with you a few progress images on the Chess Dimension level. It's a domain created by the Portal Demon who will be Aedelric's patron in Purgatory - in here you will be able to test units and spells, as well as use it for online PvP.

Below are some Work In Progress screenshots from the Chess Dimension arena. In the coming week I'll be working on finishing off the remaining models and creating the remaining materials and textures. After that I'll work on the rendering & lighting of the scene and when it's all finished I'm planning to create a video showcasing my full workflow from initial concept, to blockouts, to low poly modelling, baking and rendering inside UE4.

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~ Glen

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